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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Torrent feargell




Not only for electronic drummers, but all drummers who want to take their playing to the next level! Superior Drummer 3 is an easy to use software suite packed with an enormous collection of features. The result is a tool that can get you ready to play and perform with confidence in an amazingly responsive, highly stable, and precise program . Beyond the Drummer: Upgrade your Drumset If you’re like most professional drummers, you have a large arsenal of both acoustic and electronic drum kits . You also have a well-equipped, comfortable studio in which to practice and record your drum performances. But can you really maximize the benefits of both acoustic and electronic drumming if you only use one set of drums? Superior Drummer 3 brings your acoustic and electronic drumming sessions together under one tool. Acoustic drumming Just like most electronic drum programs, Superior Drummer 3 features built-in acoustic drum kits, like kick, hi-hat, and ride cymbals, to help you reach a variety of drum playing goals. Each kit comes with a set of four playing parts: acoustic drum, acoustic tom, acoustic snare, and acoustic cymbal. Each playing part features a specific set of commands that you can assign to a MIDI channel. These commands give you control over how you play each part of the kit. You can also use the built-in playing part and note collection to record your acoustic drumming. When you’re ready to record, Superior Drummer 3 automatically groups together the playing parts and converts them into individual drum tracks for you to work with as you prefer. Electric drumming While Superior Drummer 3 allows you to play your acoustic drum kit, it also lets you play your electronic drum kit. Superior Drummer 3 allows you to load a collection of MIDI drum patches that can be assigned to MIDI channels. As you play with the patches, Superior Drummer 3 automatically converts the playing parts into drum tracks. Not only does this give you more options to play and record acoustic drums, it also allows you to play electronic drums with more control and flexibility. When you need a fuller sound, you can use a mixer to adjust the levels of the drum tracks to achieve the level you desire. Superior Drummer 3 allows you to: Mute tracks Raise and lower levels Add or remove tracks Connect multiple drum tracks together using send and return And much more Interact with




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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Torrent feargell